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Below are the 60-Something sites and tools that help us in our business.


  • Skype
  • i meeting  &  go 2 meeting
  • Yammer
  • Facebook Groups


  • slydial
  • mojo sells
  • docusign


  • Drop Box
  • Google Docs
  • google  apps


  • Evernote
  • Mind Meister
  • Mind jet


  • Snagit . com
  • primo pdf . com
  • xtranormal . com
  • prezi . com
  • slide share . com
  • BLOG
    • Real  Estate  Blog
    • Listings  Blog
    • Single  property  Website/Blog
  • logotournament . com
  • fiverr . com
  • bring the blog . com


  • iStock photo
  • 123rf


  • LISTS  &  searches


  • customize
    • Add  new  friends  to  appropriate  lists
    • Add  new  friends  to  appropriate  lists
    • Add  potential  friends  to  Appropriate  lists
    • Add  current  friends  to  appropriate  lists
    • View  posts  from  only  people  in  certain  lists
    • View  posts  from  only  people  in  certain  lists
    • post  updates  to  only  certain  lists  or  people
    • You  can  “HIDE”   Games,  friends  and/or   posts
    • un-hide  people  by  visiting  “edit  options”

Facebook  pages

  • agent/Team
  • specialty
  • neighborhood/community
  • hobby


  • Twitter/Facebook  Grader
  • Google Analytics


  • Color Splash
  • TRIPIT . com
  • On Voice feed
  • G-Whizz
  • iThoughts HD [app]

Fun and Play

  • Let Me Google That For You
  • Words with friends
  • Angry birds
  • Doodle Jump
  • Tiny wings
  • Cut the rope

Thank  you
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Goal of Social Media in Real Estate

Gaining a strategic & positional advantage in your real estate business by using the social web to connect with other professionals and past & potential clients through focused interaction and information sharing.

5 Rules for Success with LinkedIn
1.Set up your profile.
2.Make connections.
3.Update your information, as needed.
4.Feed in your real estate blog.
5.Write recommendations for your colleagues, vendors and service providers.

5 Rules for Success with Facebook
1.Remember that almost anyone can read what you are posting and post accordingly.
2.Adjust your privacy settings.
3.Interact. Interact. Interact.
4.Create a Business Page and “talk shop” there.
5.If you can’t be interesting, at least be sincere.

5 Rules for Success with Twitter
1.Twitter is NOT just a bulletin board.
2.Interact demographically and locally.
3.Follow people/businesses who you find interesting.
5.Take the conversation offline.

5 Rules for Success with Blogging
1.Write about real estate in your area/niche.
2.Write in the language used by your target audience.
3.Be consistent.
4.Use effective “Calls to Action” in every post.
5.Promote your blog online and offline.

Lones Group Lawsuit

Oh for the love of all things stupid.

Please drive me through McDonald’s so that I can make a million bucks over hot coffee.

Of course I am not a lawyer, and these are just my opinions, but I am befuddled. Apparently the Lones Group thinks there is a zebra-related Trademark violation causing business to be diverted away from them  …

Um …

  • The Lones Group is located in Washington state and sells marketing stuff to real estate agents.
  • The Strong Team Realtors®, AKA Real Estate Zebra, is a real estate team located in VIR-FRICKEN-GINIA (Virginia) that helps consumers buy and sell homes.

First, they are a continent apart and second, they are “technically” NOT in the same industry.

Again … for the love of all things stupid.

Read More:
The Lones Group v. Rothamel: A case study in destroying your on-line reputation

There has been a tremendous amount of social reaction in the online communities regarding this case – specifically in support of the Strong Team Realtors®. Heck! There is even a Facebook Fan Page in Support if the Real Estate Zebra!

I am curious to see how this will all play out … and if this lawsuit, in the long run,  really WAS in the best interests of those who chose to start it. We shall see.

In the meantime, go over to the Zebra Defense Fund and show your support for Daniel and the Strong Team Realtors®…

I will be taking part in 4 sessions this weekend/week at the Keller Williams Family Reunion 2011 in Anaheim CA.

Here is my schedule:

Sunday, February 20

1:00-2:00 pm [speaking]
Using Twitter in Your Business and Making Connections

4:45 – 6:00 pm [Mega Tech panel]
Lead Generation – Advanced SEO and PPC

Tuesday, February 22

7:30 – 8:45 am [speaking]
Marketing Through Social Media

1:00 – 2:15 pm [Moderating a Panel]
Blogging for Beginners

Remember … If you are tweeting about this event make sure you use the #KWFR hashtag

… and follow me!!  @mizzle

Obsessed with Facebook
Via: Online Schools

Thank you Mashable for sharing this infographic.

The more I talk to people, the more reasons I hear.

Will you please share in the comments below:

1. When did you join Twitter?
2. What/who prompted you to sign up?
3. What do you Tweet about?
4. Do you have a “goal” for using Twitter (personal, professional, business, social outlet…)
5. What is the most valuable thing about Twitter, for you?

Anything else about your time on Twitter you would like to share …

Thank you for your time and for sharing your thoughts!