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Last Thursday I had the opportunity to go up to Denver with a few of the people from my Keller Williams office in Colorado Springs to attend an Internet Lead Generation class. This is a class that I actually teach in my market center, based off the book that was written and published for Keller Williams agents, by KWU- Keller Williams University.

Why did I decide to attend a class that I already teach?
Well, this particular class was taught by the author of the Internet Lead Generation book:
Bryon Ellington. What an awesome opportunity to meet the author – and see, first hand, the way he teaches the class! It was also an inspiration to see that he (like myself) was younger than the average person in the field of real estate… and that he was so successful in what he was doing.

I carpooled up to Denver and we arrived early enough to get front row seats and I even got to spend some time talking with Bryon before our 8 hour class started. He is packed full of knowledge and it was great being able to speak with him.

The main points that this class covers is:

  • The Marriage between the Internet and Real Estate
  • The Economic Model of the Internet and Real Estate websites, and how to boost your numbers in 3 key areas:
    How many people visit your site?
    – How many people register?
    – How many people become clients?

  • How to Create and Maintain your internet presence
    Types of websites available
    – Pros and Cons of Template sites vs. Custom sites
    – How to use offline and online
    – marketing to boost traffic to your site

  • The 3 C’s of Follow-Up:
    – Lead/Prospective Client Capture
    – Lead/Prospective Client Cultivation
    – Lead/Prospective Client Conversion
  • How to create a business budget that allows for growth in your internet presence and internet support

Even though I have taught this class on multiple occasions, I STILL learned all kinds of new things – as a student. Also, I learned some great strategies for teaching this class more effectively in the future. Thanks Bryon!

This is one of the reasons that I love the company that I work with.
Keller Williams offers such amazing PRO-AGENT opportunities and educational training … like this Internet Lead Generation Class, with Bryon Ellington. You will not see an advertisement on TV for Keller Williams – as a company, because Keller Williams would rather spend money on making each individual agent better – and capable of being successful in ANY market. (Okay, there was my plug … I guess it is important that you love who you work with!).

Right now, I train for Keller Williams on a local level … and I hope to be a Keller Williams trainer, at the international level in the near future.

I use these classes to better my knowledge of Colorado Springs Real Estate, as well as better my knowledge of real estate in general. 


Comments on: "Keller Williams – Internet Lead Generation with Bryon Ellington – Denver, CO" (4)

  1. […] was one of the major tech speakers, along with Dave Therrien (Chief Technology officer at KW) and Bryon Ellington (Author of Internet Lead […]

  2. Armand Christopher said:


    I was a broker associate with KW in Plano Texas for four years and want to start my own company. I need to have a website and I chose you to ask because if anyone, you would have the answer. I would like some advice on where to begin.

    I know that there are many out of the box companies that provide easy setup and self maintenance which I am not opposed to using such as,,,,, etc. etc etc. But I do not want to take hours of time setting it up, spending lots of money for nothing and then getting locked into something I will not be happy with long term and getting stuck with a bad company.

    Where would you advise I go to get the best site for the money with little maintenance that I can go in and edit myself without additional cost. Also I need the flexibility to add additional cutting edge technology that may be coming in the future that may enhance my presents.

    I need to do this as quickly as possible since time is money so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your advice.

    Armand Christopher

  3. Bryon Ellington is presenting his class to the Keller Williams offices in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania area at the end of June and I am looking to hype it up in our newsletter. Can I use some of the information from your blog entry to supplement the story? Thanks for your help!

  4. Good review of the internet lead gen. class. I took a similar class and it was a big help!

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