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Keller Williams, as most know, is the 4th largest Real Estate Franchise in North America. There have been many reasons for its continued success and rapid growth. These reasons include the culture and economic

In fact, these are the very factors that have caught the attention of Brian Tayan – research associate with the case writing office of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and James N. Baron, Ph.D., professor of management position at the Yale School of Management.

The KW Press Release notes that, “the case study describes the economic and cultural models that have led to the success of Keller Williams Realty.” Keller Williams is growing by leaps and bounds for a reason. Those of us who are already a part of KW understand, and now it has piqued the interest of 2 major schools.

“This level of recognition from two such prestigious universities is among the greatest honors that this company has ever received,” emphasizes Mo Anderson, vice chairman, Keller Williams Realty. “It’s a reflection of the combined talents and unique contributions of all of our associates throughout North America.”

God – Family – Business
This KW priority organization has been debated among students, and now will be officially studied. Yale has already incorporated this case study into this year’s curriculum, and is set to be a part of Stanford’s core curriculum for the next school year.

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