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Here is a pretty comprehensive list of Internet Resources that we have found to be Super-Helpful for Real Estate Agents. Most of them are great for listing agents, but many can be a great resource for whatever role you have in the world of Real Estate.

First and foremost, and KWU are always a great resource – one of your BEST resources – for both online and offline marketing. But since that is a given … We will start with MY TOP 5:

  1. This is an AWESOME resource for marketing your listings. For just $125 a YEAR – you will have the ability to create UNLIMITED Real Estate Tours of your listings … or whatever else you would want a tour of (neighborhoods, community events …). This site is SUPER user friendly and there plenty of options to customize your tours and great opportunities for branding. These tours can be added to ALL of your online advertising and to many of the sites listed below.
  2. For those of you who are not already members, Active Rain is a FREE online Real Estate Community – a networking resource and educational Mecca for real estate professionals. This is a great place to read about the industry from many people’s perspectives from all over the country as well as create your own real estate blog and share YOUR perspective of the real estate industry, stories, marketing ideas … It is FREE to join Active Rain and participation is worth it’s virtual weight in gold. Derek and I joined in September of 2006 and it has become one of our best business decisions we have ever made.
    (When you join Active Rain, make sure you become a member of the Keller Williams ‘Rainers Group!)
  3. This is a site that gives you the opportunity to create virtual flyers for all of your listed properties. There are several levels of service. The basic service is FREE and every level of service offers the opportunity to “push” your flyers to listing aggregate sites (see below) as well as an easy cut-and-paste way to get your flyer on CraigsList and BackPage. (Check out a Craigslist example HERE).
  4. This is another great real estate listing database. It costs $30 a year to upload all of your listings. They are heavy marketers and all leads from YOUR listings go to YOU. And? You can claim your NICHE and show as the local EXPERT for that niche. There are a lot of other great philosophies behind this site: Check them out here: About SellsiusRealEstate.
  5. This site is aimed specifically at Real Estate Bloggers. There is SO MUCH useful information regarding real estate and blogging that my mind tends to explode about once a week. They also build custom websites for real estate bloggers that come with extensive SEO and support. We are getting one built for team and it should be up and running in a couple weeks. If you are unsure about the benefits of real estate blogging, check out RSSPieces and read a few of their posts.

Top Websites to Post Your Listings On:

  • – Posts to:
  • VFlyer.comA virtual flyer that automatically posts to:
  • – Much like VFlyer, but offers different looks and feels. It is a virtual flyer that automatically posts to:
  • GoogleBase.comYour listings WILL show up here if you post to the above mentioned sites, but you can also create a FREE profile that all of your listings can be stored under.
  • CraigsList – This is a local site that
    you can post your listings for sale on. It is more popular with consumers than many people give it credit for. It reminds me of an online version of the Nickel Ads.
  • – Some MLS systems automatically push to, and even if yours does, you should consider becoming a member. It is relatively inexpensive and gives you the opportunity to showcase your listings and add all kinds of neat features that will grab the attention of online home-searchers.
  • – Whenever you post a listing or consumer-oriented post, it automatically posts to *Tip: When you post a listing on Active Rain, make sure that you put the address in the title. When you do this, the address now becomes searchable by Google – Sellers love that.
  • – KWLS automatically “pushes” to Trulia, but there are some “upgrades” that would allow your properties to become “featured” on relevant searches for homes. You should also check out Trulia Voices – which is a open forum for consumers to ask real estate questions and real estate professionals (you) can answer them.

General Real Estate Online Resources

These links are sites that I always learn something new from. There is no real rhyme or reason, but I like each one:

  • BloogHound Blog – All kinds of characters make up this site. If you like opinions, or HAVE opinions relating to real estate, then you should be a regular reader/commenter.
  • Brian Brady – To put is lightly, this Mortgage Guy is very opinionated. But he is also HIGHLY educated in the world of home finance and pretty much “knows it all” … a definite MUST READ regarding the mortgage industry.
  • Transparent Real Estate – Pat Kitano offers a refreshing look into how real estate interacts with the public.
  • RealEStaging (Craig Schiller) – If you never understood the benefits of staging, you NEED to check out Craig’s site.

Real Estate Blogging Resources:

Blogging is a wonderful resource for Real Estate Agents. If you do not know what I am talking about, just grab a cup of coffee and peruse through these sites.

Okay … There are more than 21 resources. And, of course, I am always stumbling upon new and different resources and there are PLENTY of sites that have GREAT information. These are just the ones that “rise to the top” when I think of resources to share.

Please feel free to add to this list in the comment section below.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out and remember … (shameless plug) When you have a client that is relocating to Colorado Springs, Monument or surrounding areas, please remember us:

Derek and Mariana Wagner – Wagner iTeam – Colorado Springs Real Estate – (719) 570-7715 Direct

Have a GREAT Business!


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  1. Wow, Mariana! That is one of the nicest things I’ve ever heard said about me. Thank you.

    FYI: My “home blog” is

  2. debhemmann said:


    You are the best example of KW culture that I know. I feel extremely privileged to work at the same market center where I have had numerous opportunities to learn from you and Derek. You both are always willing to share information or answer questions. I have asked more than my share being a TI(tech impared). I have made progress. Thanks again for the great info.
    Warm kw regards,
    Deb Hemmann
    Colorado Springs,CO

  3. I think you should add Real Estate Radio USA to the list if you update this site

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