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Keller Williams Realty holds a Mega Camp for all of their Mega Agents – internationally! This year, Derek and I spent Sunday (8/19) through Wednesday (8/22) in Austin, TX for the 2007 KW Mega Camp and Mega Technology Camps. There was SO MUCH to learn and absorb and we were able to listen to some amazing speakers. There were over 3,700 agents in attendance.

Days one and two were focused on how to be successful in ANY market – Buyers, Seller and (like we are dealing with today) … SHIFTING markets. Day three was focused on all the technology available in real estate industry and the new tech-items that KW offers their agents.

Here is a highlight of some of the people that Derek and I were able to listen to and meet …

During one of the breaks, Derek and I were able to meet up with Keller Williams founder: Gary Keller. He was a very gracious man, who, when we said, “Thank you for building this wonderful company.”

He replied with, “No. Thank YOU for building this company.” Again, another symbol of how Keller Williams is more AGENT-FOCUSED than company focused.

Jim Cronin, our Real Estate Tomato friend, was a guest speaker. He did a great job explaining the importance of blogging in the real estate industry. Even though there were many “deer in the headlight” looks from the agents in the audience, what Jim had to say resonated in the minds of hundreds of “aware” agents. After he spoke, Derek and I met up with him in the Vendor Hall. He was very friendly and we even got a couple Tomato-Tee’s!

We also had the pleasure of listening to Eric Johnson – Guitar Legend play for us as well as sit and talk with Gary about the similarities between being a guitar artist and a real estate agent. I was amazed at all the similarities – dedication, focus, and passion.

During the Technology Camp on Wednesday, Dustin Luther – Director of Interactive Marketing at and author of the Rain City Guide, spoke to the attending agents.

Dustin gave the MOST COMPREHENSIVE explanation of Web 2.0 that we had ever heard. What a GREAT guy! We were able to chat with him for a few minutes and get a picture.

The COO and co-founder of Trulia, Sami Inkinen spoke during the Technology Camp. First he spoke about all the online resources that Real Estate agents have. This comprehensive list included great plugs for VFLyer, Craigslist, Postlets, and Real Estate Shows.

He also spoke with us about the importance of the internet in real estate and how we (real estate agents) should use it to its maximum potential.

One of the coolest things that we found out about was that we were all notified that the Keller Williams sites (that are provided to each KW agent) will now offer a Blogging Platform!

There were some AMAZING panels of some of the top agents in Keller Williams. They talked about how they run their businesses and how they overcome some of the major obstacles that we, as agents, face on a day-to-day basis. Some topics included: Technology, hiring right and lead conversion techniques.

One of our favorite panelists was Chad Goldwasser – Head of one of the largest, most successful teams in Keller Williams. He also did a great presentation on the importance of a POSITIVE ATTITUDE in whatever you do. We met up with him later and bought one of his BREAKTHROUGH CD’s.

Derek really admires how Chad runs his team. We have watched some KWU videos about him and can really identify with how he does business.

He and Derek shared one thing in common … HIGH Energy!

Other people we were able to connect with were:

Dean Poole, KW tech coach, MREA Manager and ProManage Trainer for Keller Williams University was my instructor when I learned how to be a ProManage Trainer back in October of 2006. We met up with him in the Vendor Hall, where he shared with me some new and exciting things to expect from Top Producer.

Craig Owens, Team Lead for KW Realty – North Central – San Antonio TX. He was one of the major tech speakers, along with Dave Therrien (Chief Technology officer at KW) and Bryon Ellington (Author of Internet Lead Generation).

In addition to the keynote speakers and guests that we were able to meet up with, Derek and I were able to finally connect with some of the KW Rainers!

We all met for dinner at 5pm, and stayed there talking until they almost kicked us out at 10pm. The next day, we all sat together for the Tech Camp, and then ate lunch together at a nearby restaurant.

I felt as if we did not have enough time to share what we knew and get to know each other and understand each other’s businesses better. I know that Derek and I learned more than our brains could handle at the Mega Camps – but the time we were able to spend with our new KW Rainer’s friends, was just as valuable – if not more.

Not a whole lot of folks joined us, but the ones who WERE able to make it … What great friends we became!!

From left to right:

This was one of the BEST functions that Derek and I have ever been to, and it was the PEOPLE who made it so wonderful! We came home knowledge-smart and friend-rich!

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