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As a professional Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs – or anywhere for that matter, there are some common courtesies that should be expected. While sitting in a PPAR Meeting the other day, we went over some of these. Here are a few of the common Real Estate Agent courtesies that you should expect to provide as a real estate agent:

General Courtesies:

  • Have their phone off during ALL meetings. Voice mail is a totally viable option while a meeting is in progress.
  • Let people know how to reach you. Main phone numbers, cell phone numbers, fax numbers and emails should be available to anyone working with a Real Estate Agent.
  • Return phone calls promptly. There is rarely an excuse for not returning phone calls in a timely manner.

Showing Courtesies:

  • Provide feedback on properties shown. When asked, a Real Estate Agent should be ready to provide helpful feedback to listing agents on homes shown.
    • Call listing agent with MLS inaccuracies. We are all in it together, folks! If an MLS listing has omitted a room or a great feature, it is plain courteous to notify the listing agent that the MLS is inaccurate. This also applies to errors found in the MLS.
    • Always call prior to showing a property. Even if the showing instructions don’t’ call for it, you NEVER know what the “new” showing instructions may be.
    • Read and Follow Showing Instructions. Duh? Even after you do this, please call to confirm that there are no additional showing instructions that need to be observed. Nothing worse than letting the cat out and having to chase it for an hour.
    • Call if you are going to be late to a showing. Showing a home involves the schedules of several people. If you are going to be late … please call.
    • Call if you are NOT going to show a property. Again, showing a home involves the schedules of several people. If you are not going to show the home … please call.
    • Always knock and ring doorbell prior to entering a property. I will not even BEGIN to go into the stories that are out there about THIS one …
    • Always leave a card or sign in. Unless told otherwise, this is just a common courtesy that lets the seller know that you actually showed up and gives the listing agent a way to call you for feedback.
    • If the Seller is there during a showing, leave conversation with your Buyers to a minimum. You are not there to offend the Seller, nor are you there to have your Buyers let the Seller know how much they HAVE to have the property. Take copious notes and talk about the home after you leave.
    • Leave the property exactly as you found it. If you cannot remember which door needs to be locked, window needs to be opened, lights need to be on/off, just call the listing agent (or showing desk) before you leave.
    • Report issues and problems to listing agent right away. Report anything that looks wrong – especially in vacant properties. Common issues include: broken windows, flooding, graffiti and general disarray.

Courtesies When Writing An Offer:

  • Call Listing Broker PRIOR to Submitting an Offer. Not
    only is this a common courtesy, but it can save TIME for everyone involved.
    The following questions should be addressed:
    • Is it still available? What if they JUST accepted another offer and the agent has not reflected that in the MLS?
    • Are there any extenuating circumstances that need to be addressed or considered? Foreclosures are a major “extenuating circumstance
    • What are the inclusions and exclusions? When it says “fridge included” is it the one in the kitchen or the one in the garage?
    • Where
      are the addendums and disclosures that will need to be signed?
    • Where will the offer need to be delivered? If the listing agent has a home office, then the main office may not be the best place to deliver the offer.
    • What response time should be given? A 2 hour window will not work if the Seller is in Italy …

Listing Agent Courtesies:

  • Lockboxes:
    • Make the lockbox easy to find. No one should have to play Where’s Waldo to show a home.
    • Make the lockbox easy to access. Real Estate Agents come in all shapes and sizes. Please do not make getting to the lockbox an Olympic event.
  • Give accurate directions on the MLS. If your property cannot be found easily, per accurate directions, it will probably not be shown.
  • Provide DETAILED Showing Instructions. Your DUTY to your seller is to make sure that the home is shown how THEY want it shown.
  • Update your Sellers. Keep in touch with them regarding your marketing efforts, showings and current market activity. Decide on a “keep in touch” schedule at the time that you take the listing and FOLLOW IT.
  • Get feedback for your Sellers. Other agents’ opinions can make a world of difference in adjusting price and condition.
  • Continually update MLS info. Any changes to the property should be reflected in the MLS right away. Common changes include: new paint, now vacant, remove shoes in inclement weather, new/cleaned carpets, new pet …

Closing Courtesies:

  • Be early. If you absolutely cannot be early, then AT LEAST be on time.
  • Pay attention to documents and people. Chatter is fine, but making sure that the closing goes as planned and expected is more important.
  • Closing Gifts: This should be taken care of AFTER closing, preferably OUT of the closing room.


Of course, all of these fall into COMMON courtesies; a few of these may not apply in all market areas, but for the most part just follow the golden rule.

Posted By: Mariana Wagner – Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent


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