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In an attempt to add a little flavor to the comment section of a few posts on Active Rain, I am now going to demonstrate how to add an animation (.gif) to your comments.

Actually, I am only doing this for my friend Ann Cummings, but now everyone gets to benefit from it as well. Now, go thank Ann

Also, Please do not go hog wild with this and Please use respect.

However, please feel free to practice your .gif-adding-skills on this post as much as you want …

Here we go!

  1. Go to a .gif site. For example, I went to I chose this site because it has a bunch of animations and there are direct URLs to use …
  2. Find a .gif that you want to use … For example, I decided to use an angel .gif. There will either be links below the image, or a link to a page with the links… (Like this one):
  3. You should get a selection of different links to select. If possible, select the one that says “Direct Link”:

    *If there is not one that says Direct Link” then select any of the other ones, but you will have to remove everything before “http” and after “.gif” (You can do this by first pasting the link into WORD and editing it there.)*
  4. Highlight the link, right click and select “copy”
  5. Go to Active Rain, in the comment section and click on the image icon. From there, paste the link into the Image URL spot and the preview will show below.

Every .gif site is different. I chose to demonstrate this site because it is easy to use, there are many animations to choose from and they are all pretty much rated G… opposed to some other .gif sites.

Now go have some fun …!


Comments on: "How to Add an Animation to your Active Rain Comments …" (2)

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