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Creating Blog Momentum

As a blogging real estate agent, sometimes it is hard to create “momentum” for your blog.

You get a great idea for a post. You type it up. You post it. You are done.

Creating “momentum” is the process of NOT being done after one post. Creating “momentum” is the process of weaving posts together to create a more cohesive blog along with the snowball effect of readership.

ProBlogger is one of my favorite BLOG TOOLBOXES. They recently posted a great article on Creating Blog Momentum. Author, Darren Rowse states:

“The problem with many blogs is that they are filled up with posts on similar topics (all within a wider niche) but without any real connection between them. The bloggers feel the pressure to keep producing good content – and in doing so don’t think about the journey that they’re leading readers on.”

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