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Blog Building Basics

Here is a tidy little (okay, not so little) post about the Basics of Blogging, by another blogging friend and CO neighbor of mine: Todd Carpenter. It is a great overview of the key points to the how-to of blogging and well worth the 4.8 minutes it takes to read this post.

Blog Building Basics

Make sure you play around with the links that he includes – This post is packed full of super-useful info for beginner bloggers …

Posted By: Mariana Wagner – Real Estate Blogger
(*Picture stolen right off of Todd’s Active Rain profile)


Comments on: "Blog Building Basics" (2)

  1. toddwcarpenter said:

    Well I guess you added a drop shadow. That makes it fair use or something right? Thanks for the publicity.

  2. Todd – I wish I could say that I wrote this post to earn kudos and win your contest, but in all honesty, that is not the case at all. You really wrote a great piece, here. (And yes, the drop shadow makes it “fair use or something”…) 😉

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