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If you have more than one blog, you may find it “challenging” to juggle each one.

For example, I have multiple blogs.

Colorado Springs Real Estate Connection – This is my “official” website.

Greenhaven Real Estate – This is one of my FARM blogs, where I talk about real estate

Living in Greenhaven – This is another FARM blog where I talk about the community

Stetson Hills Real Estate – Yet another FARM blog… This is an example of the blog that you can attach to your KW website.

My KW Blog – This is this blog – a place to share blogging and such with you

Springs Realty Scoop (Active Rain) – This is a hodge-podge of blog posts that I share with the Active Rain and Localism Communities.

Auxiliary blogs that I write for:

Agent Genius – Agent to Agent commentaries

Air Force PCS – A blog dedicated specifically to the Air Force relocation from city to city

Now that I have officially plugged each of my blogs, I want to share a great article I just read:

How to Manage Multiple Blogs by

This is a great read when you branch out and try to tackle more than one blog. It really is not as daunting of a task as it may seem.

Good Luck!

Posted By: Mariana Wagner – Wagner iTeam – Keller Williams Clients’ Choice Realty
Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent – Blog Coach and Real Estate Business Trainer


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