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Teresa Boardman is a Keller Williams real estate agent in St. Paul MN, and one of the most successful real estate bloggers in the whole universe. (Yes. Universe.) She writes an awesome blog: St. Paul Real Estate Blog, and writes for a for several other blogs as well. (Like me, she is a contributor to the professional agent-agent real estate blog of, as well.)
Anyway, sometimes it is nice to get a non-written look at master bloggers, like Teresa … So, today is your lucky day…

Here is a recent interview with Teresa Boardman on Inman TV:

Blogging Success With Teresa Boardman


Comments on: "Teresa Boardman Talks About Real Estate Blogging" (3)

  1. 🙂 That is St. Paul, MN, not MO. 🙂 Best blog in the universe? Love the idea but have you really looked at all 90 million of them to make sure.

  2. Der. I changed it! (Thanks!) And yes. I have “officially” declared you to be the best blogger in the entire universe. However, I cannot extend that declaration beyond our own universe borders… too many factors come into play there. Kinda like me doing a CMA for a home in Texas … I am not qualified to do that. 🙂

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