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Your blog is an extension of you and the services you offer and we all know that people prefer to do business with PEOPLE, not businesses. Your job as a real estate blogger is to make your blog more like YOU and less like your website. And the way to do this is by finding your blogging voice.

However, if you are not a professional writer (which most of us aren’t) you probably have a difficult time finding your “voice” … a difficult time making WHO YOU ARE seep through your words and into the minds of your readers … your potential future clients.

As one fellow blogger puts it, “The blogs that I get the most value from are those that have original content and I can get to understand the blogger as a person.”

Here is a selection of posts – some excellent reading material – regarding how to make your blog more human … more like YOU:

  • HUMANIZING your blog for intimacyRSS Pieces: “You need to create a soap opera in your blog posts where you disclose personal things about yourself in small doses.”
  • 5 Minute How To: Find Your Blogging VoiceFreshBlogger: “It’s your personal style, that unique feel that comes from your personality coming through your words.”
  • How to Blog with Voice and Create Community and ReadershipProBlogger: “Anybody can copy and paste. I’m pretty sure they’ve even trained monkeys to do it. If your blogging style consists of “Michael Arrington wrote about X today” and link to his story, theoretically you’re in the same skill category as the primate. Last time I checked, monkeys are still flinging poo at zoo attendees. You don’t want to be compared with that, do you?”
  • Whose voice is it anyway? – Ines Hegedus-Garcia (Miamism): “We are all different, we all have different personalities.  Our blog should reflect that.  It is your choice to be controversial, it is your choice to be sweet and expose personal sides of you.”
  • Your Blogging Voice… Where is it? (Realty Blogging Review #2) – Mariana Wagner (me) (Colorado Springs Real Estate Connection): “Yay! I’m Human! I’m not just another airbrushed face in a polyester suit plastered on a bus stop bench! A blog tells the world, “I (Realtor) have a life, and it is quite interesting actually. I also know a lot about some very important stuff, and Guess What? I love to share all of this, right here, on a regular basis. So, (reader) keep coming back – There will always be something new for you to learn!”

Some people will find their voice in a matter of weeks, and some of you will write for months before your voice becomes apparent to both YOU and your readers. Just be patient and KEEP WRITING!

My only warning to you is to be wary of humor and sarcasm in your blogging. I happen to have an extremely dry and sarcastic sense of humor and I have learned (the hard way) that humor is the most misunderstood type of writing in the blogosphere. And the last thing you want to do is unintentionally offend your readers. I am not telling you to not use humor. In fact, I believe that you SHOULD use humor … just be careful.

The more you write, the quicker you will find your blogging voice, so don’t give up!

Posted By: Mariana Wagner – Wagner iTeam at Keller Williams Clients Choice Realty
Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent and RE Trainer


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  1. Thanks for the mention Mariana – and nice KW blog…..looks to me like your are doing a great service here.

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