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What is Long Tail SEO?

According to Wikipedia: “The long tail in keyword research is basically an expansion of a core, generic, high volume keyword phrase to include numerous combinations and permutations of the keywords and their associated or relevant phrases. These phrases individually are unlikely to account for a great deal of searches, but when taken as a whole, can provide significant traffic.”

Basically, the long tail is all the random search terms – outside of your set keywords that will drive traffic to your site. Maybe each random long tail search term only drives ONE hit, but the total of ALL long tail keywords combined can be more powerful than the total of all targeted keywords.

For example:

Greenhaven Neighborhood” is a main target keyword for my neighborhood niche blog. However, I can also get hits from searches for long tail keyword searches like “homes for sale near Vista Ridge high school.

If you want to see exactly how important the long tail keyword is, please take a moment to read:

The Long Tail of SEO by Ed Kohler

In this easy-to read post, you will see how important it is to have plenty of high quality, relevant content … that will generate the long tail keywords … and eventually lead to MORE traffic to your sire.

Posted By: Mariana Wagner – Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent – Keller Williams Realty


Comments on: "Understanding the Long Tail of SEO" (3)

  1. Great example! It would be impossible to anticipate every term that a prospective home buyer or seller would conceivably type into a search engine, but that shouldn’t stop you from ranking high for those terms, as you’ve shown.

  2. Hi Ed – Thank you for stopping by! You have one of the BEST sites for DIY bloggers. What is nice about Long Tail, is you don’t even NEED to anticipate (for the most part) what folks type into Google… Just make sure the site is updated with relevant content.

  3. The long tail is a book by Chris Anderson. There is also a tool that goes with it at: The idea behind the theory is that the top search terms make the head of the tail but there are more keywords in the tail if you add them all up, pretty much what you say in your post. There is more to it than that. I read the book a couple of years ago and have been using hittail ever since. If I were into seo I would say the tool tells me which keywords to use. I look at it differently, it gives me suggestions for what to write about.

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