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Only less than a week before I fly out to Atlanta, GA for the Keller Williams Family Reunion 2008! I missed it last year and am SO EXCITED for this year. We are in a shifting market and I am looking forward to all of the break-out sessions and new and innovative tools and techniques that we will learn.

I think I am MOST excited to hear Seth Godin speak. He is such an icon in today’s marketing world. I hope other agents understand his wisdom as much as I would like to think that I do … Seth Godin rocks. He even has his own action figure.

Second only to hearing Seth, is my excitement to finally meet my favorite KW blogger: Teresa Boardman. She ALSO rocks!

I look forward to seeing all my fellow KW RE Bloggers in a few days! J

**UPDATE: Mrs. Boardman will not be attending the KW Reunion this year. She is an UBERBUSY woman. In her stead I will be sporting a (shhh … nevermind .. you will have to wait and see.)


Comments on: "Keller Williams Family Reunion 2008" (2)

  1. Miriana, I look forward to meeting you at Family Reunion. You are my Teresa Boardman! LOL

    Hey, you’re teaching a class, right? I never received any details on it. When and where will it be held?

  2. Mariana,
    It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday and chat briefly after your Top 10 ways to use blogging in real estate presentation. Thanks for your kind words regarding my proto screen shot for my soon to be “live” blog site.

    I’m sorry to see that Teresa is not here, but am as excited as you are to hear Seth Godin speak this morning.

    See you around…

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