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I really enjoyed my time at the 2008 KW Family Reunion in Atlanta, GA. I was able to meet up with some great friends as well as teach my Top 10 Ways to Use Blogging in Real Estate. Thank you to each of you who supported me in that class! I hope that you learned something new!

Here are some pictures of my time in Atlanta…

(Picture taken from airplane.)

(View from my hotel.)

Mary and Laura Ryan – Dayton, Ohio Real Estate Bloggers

Missy Caulk – Ann Arbor, Michigan Blogger and
Irina Netchaev – Pasadena, California Real Estate Blogger and
(me) Mariana Wagner – Colorado Springs CO Real Estate Blogger

Teri and I were able to get our picture taken with 2 Keller Williams Icons:
Mo Anderson and Mary Harker

I had the honor of getting my picture taken with our keynote speaker, Seth Godin. His presentation was one of the most thought-provoking and motivational speeches that I have ever heard.

Be Remarkable!

I learned a lot of great things while at Reunion, and cannot wait to apply it to my business.

I am also excited to pursue my KW blog-coaching and regional KW tech-training endeavors.

Posted By: Mariana Wagner – Keller Williams Clients’ Choice Realty – Colorado Springs Real Estate – Keller Williams Blog Coach and Trainer


Comments on: "2008 KW Reunion – Photo Journey" (3)

  1. Mariana, great photos! I especially loved the first one from the plane. Nice stitching. 🙂

  2. Thank you Irina – That 1st one was actually one shot – no stitching. Great to see you there!

  3. Great photos and I admire you so much, you ran forward to get Seth and we all ran backwards to get to lunch.

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