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Using a RSS feed (that cool orange button) reader or Google Reader is the best way to stay on top of blogs that you like to read, without physically going to their physical website every day.

I was going to do a post on using Google Reader or an RSS Feed Reader, but thought, “If I wait long enough, someone else will put together a post explaining RSS feed readers and Google Reader better than I can.”

And, sure enough, someone did.

Nick Bostic, author
of and Agent Genius contributor, just wrote a very detailed, yet easy to read explanation of RSS and Google Reader:

Stay on top with RSS and Google Reader

There are all kinds of great visuals and instruction. Check it out!

Thank you, @nbostic for making my/our life easier!

Posted By: Mariana Wagner – Keller Williams Clients’ Choice Realty – Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent


Comments on: "How to Use Google Reader and/or RSS Feed Reader" (2)

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