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There will come a point in your blogging “life” where you will either:

  1. Read a Blog Troll’s comments on a blog you are reading, or
  2. Read a Blog Troll’s comments on YOUR blog, or
  3. Read a Blog Troll’s post, or
  4. Feel like becoming a Blog Troll, because of a Blog Troll

If, er, I mean WHEN one of these things happens to you, you need to be prepared. One wrong move in the presence of a Blog Troll can mean the potential death of your blogging life. Blog Trolls are not, limited to political and MySpace blogs. Unfortunately, there are even Blog Trolls in the Real Estate Blogosphere.

I hate addressing issues like these, but, let’s face it; these issues NEED to be addressed. And the earlier you learn how to deal with these issues, the better.

Although, I read mostly Real Estate related and Blog related blogs, every once in awhile I stumble across amazing other blogs. Today was one such occasion.

Meg Fowler is the author of the Blog, and she wrote a fantastic post (2006) about Blog Trolls that is a MUST READ for anyone who is, or plans to be a blogger:

How not to be an a**hole or encourage a**holism on the internet: a handy guide.

Thank you, Meg, for putting, so eloquently, into words what every blogger should know.


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