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Vote NOW for the best Real Estate Blogs at the Virginia Association of Realtors®


… Make sure you vote for my ColoradoSpringsRealEstateConnection (Zone 3)!

Posted By: Mariana Wagner – Wagenr iTeam – Keller Williams Clients’ Choice Realty


Comments on: "Vote for the Best Real Estate Blogs … NOW!" (5)

  1. […] Think the Real Estate Blog Brawl competitors aren’t taking this little contest seriously? Think again! One is offering people who vote for him a party and dancing, another has designed a silly tee shirt, still another is offering free Skittles, and some have been just as enthusiastic in their asks for votes, even if a little less creative. […]

  2. *** insert subliminal message here ***

    Vote for Phoenix Real Estate Guy in Zone 2!

    *** end subliminal message ***

    Great post Mariana!

  3. And don’t forget to vote for in Zone 1 — I’m the one offering dancing and free drinks…

  4. *** Insert Subliminal Message Here ***
    Vote for Jay. I did!
    *** end subliminal message ***

  5. I’ve offered a free dance lesson with Brian Block. I mean why dance with his wife when you can have Brian eating skittles in a custom T-Shirt. I’ll sit on the sidelines and drink the Starbucks. Oh and vote for me while you’re fingers are skimming the keyboard too 🙂

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