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If you were a part of the Free Blogging Webinar that I hosted this morning, I told you that I would post all the links that I referenced in the call. Here are the links, along with a few other examples that I find useful.

Consumer-Focused Real Estate Blogs

Here are some blogs that are written specifically for the consumer: The home buyers and sellers, the investors and/or relocating folks.

Agent to Agent Oriented Blogs

These blogs are written by folks in the Real Estate industry FOR people in the Real estate industry. These are blogs that I read, but most of this content is not aimed at the consumer.

Marketing Focused Blogs

Some blogs are usually designed to help people (real estate agents) in their business. Most marketing focused blogs are written and maintained by people who offer services and support to real estate agents. Again, these blogs are not aimed at the buying/selling/investing/relocating consumer.

Industry Blogs

An Industry Blog is a blog about the Real Estate Industry. Some of the information is useful for consumers and some is useful strictly for real estate agents.

For those of you who participated in the FREE blogging webinar, thank you!! For those of you who experienced technical difficulties, I apologize.

I will be supplying a follow-up email to all of you who joined (or attempted to join) me today that will go over some of the key points of the webinar.

Also, I know that we had more questions than time, so please feel free to email me your questions and I will do my best to answer each question by the end of this week. You can send an email to:

Have a great week!

~Mariana Wagner – KW Blog Coach


Comments on: "Examples of Different Real Estate Blogs" (9)

  1. Thanks for mentioning VARbuzz in your course! It’s quite an honor to be listed alongside the venerable blogs in the industry section.

  2. Ben – Of course! I love your blog … You guys are WAY cutting edge.

  3. I agree with Ben – quite an honor! thanks!

  4. I’m with Ben and Ines! You’ve got some great names on the list and thanks for mentioning Rain City Guide!

  5. Let’s get a chain started here… Seriously though… I agree with Ben, Ines and Dustin – thanks for the mention!!!

  6. It is almost like an “educational” blog roll! LOL!

  7. Thank you for the mention Mariana!

  8. I am still laughing at this thread – you guys are a trip!

  9. […] – bookmarked by 2 members originally found by jalderman on 2008-12-12 Examples of Different Real Estate Blogs – bookmarked by […]

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