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Gretchen Faber is an Urban Denver Real Estate Blogger who has agreed to share 5 great post ideas for your urban blog. Thanks Gretchen!

Are you writing a real estate blog and running out of ideas for articles?  It happens to everyone, and sometimes the best place to go for fresh new ideas is other blogger’s sites.  It’s a great idea to subscribe to a few that you like by email or RSS feed.  The best way to keep your own blog fresh is to subscribe to blogs in similar urban or suburban areas and gather inspiration from writers you like.

Remember though – inspiration (or the seed of an idea) is not copying.  You should always be original and should focus on your own neighborhood, city or urban area. Research is important too.  If you’re planning on becoming an expert, you should make sure you know what you’re talking about.

Thinking outside of the box or thinking inside the box, but in smaller compartments can work for fresh ideas.

Area statistics – Yes, you already do that.  I’m sure you do – but can you find a new twist, can you analyze the data in a different way, can you get a hyper focus on one neighborhood or condo building?  Readers like to know what’s going on, and the statistics can help them keep tabs on things long before they contact you.  Make sure you cite where the stats come from.

Another Agent’s Listing – Have you written about all of your listings already?  Are you currently out of listings?  Write an article about another agent’s listing in your office.  Choose a really spectacular or unique property, one which also might fit in with your area of focus.  The agent will appreciate the publicity and you’ll gain the opportunity to use a lot of real estate key words while showing off your real estate expertise.

Development Updates – This can become a regular feature of your blog, thus many more posts in your arsenal.  In Denver we have the DenverInfill Blog, and all of the posts are about development in the city.  It’s a fascinating way to keep up on urban development, and another area of expertise for you to hone.  Become the infill development expert.

Conduct an Interview – Have you ever thought about writing interviews of people who work in support industries?  For example, how about an interview with a lender or a title representative?  You could explain the loan process in one post and the title and closing process in another.  You could also ask a property manager to share tips for analyzing a Homeowner’s Association.

Tell a story – You may get ideas from comments you receive, or you may have an interesting experience with clients one day.  Tell the story on your blog.  Stories resonate with readers, and often you can illustrate the importance of staging or having a house in showing condition by relating an experience in story form.

Have fun and make sure your personality comes through.  Your blogging ideas will be there if you just tap into your own creativity.

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