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What is the ONE piece of information that you wish you had when you first became a blogger?

What is the ONE thing that you had to learn the HARD WAY?

Please share …


Comments on: "What is the ONE Thing that You WISH You Knew about Blogging When You Started Blogging?" (4)

  1. To use WordPress as a blogging platform. Same answer for question 2.

  2. I wish I’d known: I wish I would have known that it would be so rewarding and I would have started sooner.

    Hard Lesson: After blogging at Active Rain for my peers for almost a year, I realized that if I wrote specifically for my clients and defined my audience, I could actually make money from blogging. (I wasted all that time and a year of content would place our business in a totally different level today)

  3. I’m big on DIY. I feel the community of bloggers lends itself to the idea that doing your own branding, design, etc. is something you ‘should’ take on. My thoughts are, it’s much more difficult than it all looks. I would have weighed my options a bit more sharply in terms of getting help.

  4. To filter the crap between my head and the keyboard.

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