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They sky is not falling.

The real estate landscape is just changing.

If you were comfortable in your real estate vehicle for the past 10+ years, now would be the time to trade it in for a more hybrid/land-water/multi-terrain vehicle. (No, I am not talking actual cars.)

…otherwise you are going to become extinct.


Now is the time to gain market share.

Now is the time that TRUE millionaires are made … in ANY industry.


Be creative.   Watch your numbers.  Shift ahead of the market.  Pray.

Good Luck.

Sincerely, Mariana Wagner
(Copied from a comment I left on Active Rain.)

Update – a quote I just read:
“I’m not buying into the idea that the market is down. The market is the market. Productivity is a choice.” – Michaelann Byerly KW Tampa FL Real Estate Agent

Update – Here is a “Sky is Falling Post” that I found on the Central Ohio Network Blog and enjoyed: Is the Sky Really Falling?



Comments on: "A Note to All the Chicken Little Real Estate Agents Out There" (10)

  1. How True!!! Mariana some of us see that we have a golden opportunity. Hard work yes…but an opportunity.

  2. and here I was proud of my new change to a mini-cooper! LOL – you are right – think outside the box ….and make it happen! you are da bomb!

  3. Mariana, you are so right on it! How fun though… it was getting boring before. We finally have a challenge!

  4. If you don’t understand the post, do you have any RISCO lock boxes you want to sell cheap?

    GO get ’em Mizzle

  5. I was just reading that on Active Rain (I really need to stay away from there) and there is a whole bunch of whining going on.

    Real estate, like life in general, is what you make of it.

    Personally, I’m weary of all the “woe is me” talk.

  6. Monika – Opportunities are often missed because they are disguised as hard work. (Who said that?)

    Ines – What box?? 😉

    Irina – I love challenges!

    Rob – No kidding. I need some more lock boxes, too.

  7. Jay – I figure, if the sky really IS falling, then I bet it just falls on the people who are inadvertently wishing for it. As for me, the sky is way up there … full of opportunity.

  8. […] Please. Please. Please. PLEASE. If you are just going to complain about the fact that it is not 2006 anymore, please just stop blogging. If you are not going to be proactive and look for new and better ways to be in the business of real estate, please just stop blogging. News Flash: The Sky is Not Falling […]

  9. My KW TL has inspired our office by reminding us that opportunity is everywhere all the time. Wake up grateful for what you have and remember that you’re in this business to help people.

  10. GREAT blog. I cannot believe the amount of agents in my marketplace “waiting for the market to get better”. What? Sales are up 150% from last year. We have 700-800 residential homes selling EACH month in Lee county, Florida. I can’t even imagine what agents in other parts of the country are saying about their ‘bad’ markets…lol

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