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SEOmoz is one of my favorite SEO websites, well, because it is one of the BEST out there. They offer great advice on how to SEO your blog. One of their recent posts deals with getting Link-Love. Some people BUY link-love, but as we all know … Google frowns on that because, “The practice is anathema – viewed as unacceptable because it infringes on the engine’s ability to use links as an editorial signal of importance for search rankings. Both manual penalties and algorithmic filtering are applied as solutions, damaging the rankings of sites that buy as well as the ability for sites who sell to pass on link equity.” (SEOmoz)

However, sometimes getting natural links can be a major PITA … so here is a GREAT post on 8 ways to how to get GREAT LINKS without BUYING them:

8 Ways to Buy Links Without “Buying Links” – by Randfish

My favorite one (and most useful for Real Estate Agents) was #1: Hosting Events. What a great way to get links … AND traffic!


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  1. I like it Mariana – you’re telling Real Estate agents to go out and party to improve the SEO of their blogs. Party on.

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