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@sk Mizzle is the opportunity to ask Mizzle (me) questions about consumer-focused real estate blogging. I will do my best to answer (find answers to) each question and post them, here on Random Real Estate Blog Info.

Brian Shroyer, a North Atlanta real estate agent with Keller Williams Platinum Partners sent me an email about defining his geographic real estate blog niche.

Brian Asks:
“I’ve been following you on twitter lately and connected with you a while back (on a KW call I think) and I really like ya’lls style.  I am in the process of revamping my website and starting to blog, but I am stuck on one factor.  So I was hoping I could explain my dilemma and get your opinion.

I service the North Atlanta Suburbs and my real issue is selecting an area to really focus on to start heading toward dominating the web for that area.  I totally believe in being hyper local,  and that is where my problem lies.  The N. Atlanta Suburbs are so spread out.  For examples a few areas I work in (East Cobb, Marietta, Roswell, Woodstock, Alpharetta) are all cities within themselves?!?  The area that you service, Colorado springs seems pretty defined geographically.  How would you suggest choosing an area if its not defined geographically?  If I was to blog about all of these areas I would be dealing with thousands of neighborhoods, schools, etc?”

Awesome Question, Brian!

If you really DO work all 5 cities, then I recommend beginning with the end in mind. Here are the steps I would take to dominate:

  • Create a North Atlanta Real Estate Blog
  • Create main categories for each of your 5 cities
  • Pick ONE city, and spend a couple months building content specifically for that city.
    • 3-5 Neighborhood Reports
    • Schools
    • Walk-ability (*note: my comment in the video was regarding Colorado Springs – not all of Colorado)
    • Jobs
    • History
    • General Area Information
  • Once you have a good foundation of content for that city, spend the next couple months building content for the next city, and so on.
  • In addition to the city-specific content, continually add more general content (foreclosure info, buyer info, seller info) to all 5 city categories, and use more general keywords like “North Atlanta real estate” “North Atlanta suburbs” etc…
  • Once you have a good base of content for each city, add something (specific to the city) to each category at least 1-2x a month:
    • Add a new neighborhood report
    • Monthly or quarterly market reports

This outline should enable you to approach your blog with: a) the end in mind (dominating all 5 cities) and b) breaking it down into small enough chunks so that it will not be too overwhelming.

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[Mizzle is a licensed real estate agent in Colorado – AKA Mariana Wagner with the Wagner iTeam. She is a real estate blogger and a real estate technology (blog) trainer. She maintains the Colorado Springs Real Estate Connection Blog and a writer for AgentGenius – Real Estate News Magazine.]


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