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If you are a real estate agent and are using your blog as a facet of your Internet Lead Generation plan, then this blog post is for you.

The number ONE thing that online home buying consumers are wanting is – HOMES FOR SALE.

I just spent the better half of the last hour on Google searching for real estate blogs across the country. MANY real estate blogs are on page one for MANY awesome terms.




When I click through to the blogsites, all I see (for the most part) is a blog post and a sidebar with categories and other NON-SEARCH-FOR-HOMES links and words.

If I were a consumer and I searched for a common real estate search term, I would want the options to SEARCH FOR HOMES when I clicked on the site that popped up on Google.

Awesome blog posts are what will get you ranking in the search engines, but being FOUND is only PART of the plan, right? What are you doing once they find you??? You need…

Properly Worded Calls to Action

… in the Right Places.

You need to make sure that you are giving potential clients WHAT THEY WANT at whatever point they decide they want it.

Since most online real estate consumers are HOME BUYERS, a “Search for Homes” link/button should be readily visible when someone clicks to your site.

Examples of Real Estate Blogs that are doing it right:

(Location: Upper Left Column)


Blog By the Bay
(Location: Upper Left Column)
Blog By the Bay

Long Beach Real Estate Home
(Location: Upper Menu)
Long Beach Real Estate Home

Colorado Springs Real Estate Connection
(Location: Upper Menu)
Colorado Springs Real Estate Connection

Some of MOST “popular” blogs out there (and some of my favorites) do not have any readily visible “Calls to Action” on their blogs … Which makes me wonder how much MORE SUCCESSFUL these blogs would be if they did.

Other great places to add “Calls to Action”:

  • Appropriately inside a post – Talking about a specific neighborhood, about halfway through, have a link “Search all Homes for Sale in [Neighborhood]”
  • At the end of the post – Maybe in a signature? You never know at WHAT point a potential consumer will be ready to “Search for Homes” … Maybe your post is what made them ready to start looking.

The WORST thing you could do is make your potential client have to SEARCH for a SEARCH function.

They are more likely to [X] out of your site and trot on over to to find homes, than scour your site for that same option.

So? Give them what they want. Give them the easily-findable ability to “Search for Homes” on YOUR site.

2 Other Great Calls to Action:

  • What is My Home Worth?
  • Search All Foreclosures

By adding properly worded calls to action in the right places, you are saving your potential clients the trouble of bouncing around looking at homes on all different sites … and giving YOU the opportunity to get more clients form your blog.


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