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Do you own a URL version of your name?

If not, get one … Even if the .com version is taken, consider a .info or a .me version …

I happen to own and and did not know what to do with them. See, I don’t use my name URL’s for real estate … (maybe because I am more than just what I do to pay the bills… ?), but I didn’t want anyone else owning those domains.

Until recently, I had no idea what to DO with these URL’s … until my friend, Kelley Koehler (aka @housechick) gave me a GREAT IDEA!

I gathered up all the different social media profiles and blogs that I write for and corralled them into one, clean and tidy location:

Now, instead of trying to remember all the different “handles” (or user names) for all the different sites I belong to, I just have to tell people, “Just visit and you can find me anywhere!” and direct them to your vanity site.

This site has:

  • An about me page that details my roles as a Realtor®, trainer and coach.
  • Links to all my blogs and websites
  • Links to the profile pages on all the social media sites I belong to
  • RSS Feeds from 2 of my main blogs

I used a FREE blog, with the DePo Masthead by Derek Powazek theme.

This is a super easy way to connect with other social media types in any setting, and I have even added it to my business card!

Other URL’s that I have forwarded to this site: and


Comments on: "Corral Up Your Social Media Profiles and Sites into ONE Vanity Site" (3)

  1. I like this and will put this on my to-do list to set up a page like this for me.


  2. What an ah-ha moment. Thank you for a wonderful idea in these
    busy times of tracking folks!!



  3. I have loved this idea since I saw you and Ines post about it on Twitter – about to go buy the name I’m going to use for my one spot to find me! As David said, “an ah-ha moment” for sure!


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