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“What is the algorithm for figuring out how much my new bill will be in 2010?”

This was the question that I posed on this morning. Here are the answers that I received. I really should have expected nothing less from my smart-alec friends: @matthaze @mattrathbun @phxreguy @therealclint @tobyboyce

These replies were highly entertaining and made me laugh! It really shows the reputation that has when it comes to cost/effectiveness.

Now, personally/professionally actually works for us. Sellers love it and we get about 2 “leads” a month from it – resulting in 1-2 sales a year. So, that, plus the leverage it gives us in listing appointments makes it worth the $230./mo. we currently pay.

And if it is not TOO cost prohibitive in 2010, we plan on keeping it.

So … if anyone DOES know the algorithm for figuring out how much my new bill will be in 2010 … please share?


Comments on: "What is the algorithm for figuring out how much my new bill will be in 2010?" (4)

  1. Happy New Year Mariana!

    Love your post and the haters – they inspire me! I will talk to our VP of Sales when I get back to the office on Monday and will email you the info. Also, I will do everything I can via Ask A REALTOR(R), Blogs, and media opportunities to increase your transaction number in 2010.

    Have a GREAT NEW YEAR and continued success from your FRIENDS at Blogs!

  2. Audie – THANKS for commenting! LOL. There will always be haters in anything … Trust me. I am a real estate agent. Plenty of people hate me. 😉

    I look forward to seeing what kind of answers you may be able to come up with!

    I think your blogs are WAY awesome. I actually train KW agents how to use them… and get STELLAR results, too. In fact, when you google “stetson hills real estate” (a HUGE key term in my area), I am #1, #2 and #3 SOLELY due to my blog.

    The “Ask a REALTOR®” function is way cool, too. It always gives me some good ideas about what to write about and a way to reach out to the home buying and selling public.

    Happy New Year to you too!!!

  3. There are haters but if it works then it works. My guess is that you already got your numbers from Audie but from my understanding your price will be based on the number of listings you had last year. I don’t know the exact numbers but they are lumped in groupings.

    Leverage is leverage! Go get ’em!

  4. Just got ANOTHER fabulous client from (because of our enhanced listing presence) …

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