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Here is a step-by-step tutorial (with screenshots) on how to import your real estate blog feed to your Facebook Fan Page notes section.

Google actually crawls the notes pages of public Facebook pages, so this is an excellent opportunity to get more online exposure … AND prove your expertise to the people who choose to fan your business page.

1. Go to the “Notes” section of your Facebook fan page.

2. Click “Write a new note”

    3. Click the “notes” icon in the top right of your screen.

      4. From the right column, click “Import a Blog >>”

        5. Copy/Paste the RSS feed from your real estate blog
        6. Read and click the “By entering the URL, you are ….” Box
        7. Click “Start Importing”

          8. Preview the import and click “Confirm Import”

            9. Now your blog will appear in your notes section and every time you post a new blog post, that post will syndicate to your notes section and appear on your Fan Page wall.

              10. Write a blog post and watch it appear on your notes page within the next 24 hours!

                We have had some of the notes on our Facebook Fan Pages actually show up on page one of Google for great terms!

                So, what are you waiting for?


                Comments on: "How to Import Your Real Estate Blog into Your Face Book Fan Page Notes in 10 Easy Steps" (8)

                1. […] Read More:  How to Import Your Real Estate Blog into Your Face Book Fan Page Notes in 10 Easy Steps […]

                2. […] Read More:  How to Import Your Real Estate Blog into Your Face Book Fan Page Notes in 10 Easy Steps […]

                3. I always wanted to know how to transfer blogging to facebook, thank you so much!!!

                4. These are action items I wanted to implement from Family Reunion. Thank you for making it easier to do

                5. I was doing this method for quite some time but got tired of the fact that it drives no traffic to your website- only to the feed on Facebook. So I looked for another solution that is working quite well.

                  It is an application on Facebook called NetworkedBlogs. I highly recommend searching it out on Facebook if you are looking to drive traffic to your blog.

                  I just started using it and it is tripling my traffic from Facebook.


                6. Jen – Thank you for your comment! I am glad that application is working for you. However, since I always have plenty of links within my blog posts leading back to my blog, I still get tons of traffic doing it this way.

                7. Défiscalisation Bretagne…

                  Très instructif. Merci pour votre analyse et remarques….

                8. Thank you for the informative post, am going to do it later

                  Chloe@Cape Coral Real Estate

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