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Hi. My name is Mariana Wagner. I am a Snapshot Social Mediaist.

Social Media Snaphot

People often ask,

“You have over 1,000 friends on Facebook and over 3,500 people follow you* on Twitter. How do you POSSIBLY keep up?!?”

Well, to put it plainly… I don’t keep up. Nor do I even try.

I am called, what I have recently dubbed myself as, a “Snapshot Social Mediaist”.

Basically, when I have a few minutes here or there, I may log into Facebook or Twitter, post a status update and see what is going on. I do NOT, however, spend countless hours reading what everyone has to say out of some unknown and unjustified obligation to be “on top” of everything.

(I have plenty of other things to help me get less done.)

If this sounds like something that you would like to try, check out these 3 easy steps. Or don’t. I really don’t care.

Step One: Use your scroll button but do NOT click on the “next” or “more” links.

If it was SO FRICKEN IMPORTANT, it will be re-tweeted, shared, emailed, posted on your wall by a friend, etc. Limiting yourself to that one page, allows you to get a … SNAPSHOT of what is going on NOW. Which is all that really matters anyway.

If there is a person that you particularly like to keep tabs on (like your teenage son with way too many girlfriends …) then pop over to their page, directly.

Step Two: Take advantage of the “Top News” feature on Facebook (that feature that intuitively shows you the posts from your favorite friends) and the “List” feature on Twitter. This allows you to get a … SNAPSHOT of what your actual friends are up to.

Step Three: Filter.

Take full advantage of the “HIDE” function on Facebook to hide your annoying friends or those “mercy” friendships you have found yourself in – without them ever knowing! This gives you the freedom to only see what you WANT to see on your Facebook wall.

Un-follow people on Twitter that only add to the NOISE. Chances are (unless they are a stalker), they will never know that you un-followed them.

Just because you enjoy social media, does NOT obligate you to drown yourself in “catching up”. Remember when “catching up” was once every few months … or years? I highly doubt missing a few HOURS or DAYS is going to ruin any friendships.

So, in this over-stimulated and over-connected world, becoming a Snapshot Social Mediaist will only make your life more sane. Trust me.

*By the way, I really don’t care how many people follow me on Twitter. What matters is who I choose to follow. I happen to follow about 1,500 people- most of whom do not Tweet regularly at all and the ones who DO are worth my time. Therefore, my Twitter stream is not cluttered by excessive nonsense.


Comments on: "How to Be Snapshot Social Mediaist … in Three Easy Steps" (4)

  1. Love it, how did you know my son has too many girlfriends?

  2. Yours too??? LOL.

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