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Goal of Social Media in Real Estate

Gaining a strategic & positional advantage in your real estate business by using the social web to connect with other professionals and past & potential clients through focused interaction and information sharing.

5 Rules for Success with LinkedIn
1.Set up your profile.
2.Make connections.
3.Update your information, as needed.
4.Feed in your real estate blog.
5.Write recommendations for your colleagues, vendors and service providers.

5 Rules for Success with Facebook
1.Remember that almost anyone can read what you are posting and post accordingly.
2.Adjust your privacy settings.
3.Interact. Interact. Interact.
4.Create a Business Page and “talk shop” there.
5.If you can’t be interesting, at least be sincere.

5 Rules for Success with Twitter
1.Twitter is NOT just a bulletin board.
2.Interact demographically and locally.
3.Follow people/businesses who you find interesting.
5.Take the conversation offline.

5 Rules for Success with Blogging
1.Write about real estate in your area/niche.
2.Write in the language used by your target audience.
3.Be consistent.
4.Use effective “Calls to Action” in every post.
5.Promote your blog online and offline.


Comments on: "Social Media Nuggets for Real Estate Agents from KWFR 2011" (1)

  1. I’m a Massage therapist in the KW area. I’m trying to develop an online presence any tips for me.

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