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Three Rules for Success for Blogging, Facebook and Twitter

At MEGA CAMP 2010 I am asked what I believe to be the 3 rules of success for blogging, Facebook and Twitter. Of course there are tons of great rules, tips and tricks, but here are my top 3 for each.


1. Write about real estate in your area/niche. People (and Google) come to a local real estate blog to read and learn about local real estate. With very little exception, your blog should ONLY be about real estate in your area/niche.

2. Write in the language used by your target audience. Use the verbiage they would use and cover the topics they would find interesting and educational. If your target audience is investors, there is no reason to talk about first time home buyer loan programs. If your target audience is short sale sellers, there is no reason to talk about the luxury home market (unless your target market is luxury short sale sellers).

3. Be consistent. Time block your internet lead generation efforts. If you can only write once a week, then always write once a week. Writing a bunch, then nothing then a little then nothing will only frustrate your regular readers, and Google.

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1. Find your happy medium in what you choose to share. There is plenty of grey area. Private people will share less and you High I’s and D’s will share more. However, for the most part, keep your “business” to your business page. People want to be your friend of facebook because they want to be YOUR friend (or stalk you). If they want to know more about your business, then they will join your business page.

2. Remember that almost anyone can read what you are posting and post accordingly. Avoid extremely personal, religious or political posts, unless you are ok with hundreds of people you “kind of” know reading about it… And when in doubt, if you can’t be “interesting”, at least be sincere.

3. Interact. Make an effort to comment on your friends statuses, “like” their pictures, etc. It will mean the world to them, and is a great tool to incorporate into your 33 Touch.

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1. Twitter is NOT just a bulletin board. Do not only post links to your blog. No one wants to follow someone who does this and if no one is following you, then what is the point of even having an account?

2. Interact demographically and locally. Be a part of the conversation with people who you not only enjoy communicating with, but also who may eventually want to do business with or refer business to you.

3. Take the conversation off line. Solidify your Twitter friendships by attending local “tweet-ups” and by visiting the local businesses that you follow on Twitter, and meeting the owners.

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These are some great guidelines for being successful online. And when in doubt, LURK – spend time watching how others are operating online. This will give you a good idea what will and will not work for you.

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How to Structure a Blog Post to Attract Google and Create More Leads

Here is my presentation from Real Estate Wordcamp (Denver).

RE Blog World – October 15-17 2009 – Las Vegas

RE BlogWorld

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RE Blog World 2009 Speakers Include:

  • Ian Lurie
  • Allie Herzog
  • Ginger Wilcox
  • Jack Miller
  • Jason Benesch
  • Jay Thompson
  • Rhonda Porter
  • Derek Overbey
  • Heather Elias
  • Reggie Nicoloay
  • Gahlord Dewald
  • Matt Fagioli
  • Ricardo Bueno
  • Jim Marks
  • Jeff Turner
  • Dave Smith
  • Robert Hahn
  • Jason Berman
  • Brad Carroll
  • Todd Carpenter
  • Nicole Nicolay
  • Dan Green

This is going to be a FABULOUS Event!!!
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Free MAPS Blogging Webinar – Taught By Me!

Real Estate Blogging – It is more than a “fad” – It is a proven way to attract more business and make more money … regardless of the current market.

Join us for a FREE webinar on real estate blogging where we will debunk some common myths and share some industry tips and secrets from some of the nation’s top real estate bloggers.

MAPS FREE Blogging Webinar

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM CDT


Fat Cat, Las Vegas and a Wedding

Fat Cat.

more animals

Las Vegas.

Derek and I are heading to Las Vegas to Blog World and REBW (Real Estate Blog World) where I will be speaking about how to convert online leads through blogging. The name of the class that I ma teaching is actually called, “From Click to Close – The Top 10 Point of Client Conversion – Through Blogging.”

We are heading up to Denver tonight and will be staying the night at a local hotel and then flying out to Las Vegas at about roughly the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. (We are supposed to be at the airport by 5am. Ouch.) I will post pictures from my adventures, here, in the next week or so.

A Wedding.

We will be in Vegas until Saturday night, when we fly back in just enough time to sleep a wee bit and BE in a wedding on Sunday, back here in Colorado Springs. Oh help me.

Posted By: Mariana

Another FREE Blogging Webinar Offered By Keller Williams MAPS

In case you missed the last FREE blogging webinar, I will be holding another FREE Blogging Webinar on July 7, 2008 from 11am-Noon CST.

Register Today:

This webinar (like the last one) will offer some tips and tricks on being a real estate blogger.

You will also learn more about the EXCLUSIVE Keller Williams Real Estate Blog Coaching Program that will kick off on July 24, 2008!

I am a Blog Coach for Keller Williams Realty International and look forward to seeing you at this free blogging webinar … and in the coaching program.

For more information, you can email me directly:

RE Blog World – September 19, 2008 – Las Vegas Nevada (Update)

Todd Carpenter, over at the Mariah Blog, just posted an updated list of speakers and presenters for the 2008 RE Blog World Convention:

“By registering for RE BlogWorld, you get full access to BlogWorld on the 20th & 21st, PLUS a full day of Real Estate/Mortgage Specific content on the 19th. This is the largest new media conference and trade show in the world, with about 70 seminars to choose from.”Todd @ Mariah

Check out the official RE Blog World Site