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Productivity Enhancing Social Sites and Time Saving Web Tools

Below are the 60-Something sites and tools that help us in our business.


  • Skype
  • i meeting  &  go 2 meeting
  • Yammer
  • Facebook Groups


  • slydial
  • mojo sells
  • docusign


  • Drop Box
  • Google Docs
  • google  apps


  • Evernote
  • Mind Meister
  • Mind jet


  • Snagit . com
  • primo pdf . com
  • xtranormal . com
  • prezi . com
  • slide share . com
  • BLOG
    • Real  Estate  Blog
    • Listings  Blog
    • Single  property  Website/Blog
  • logotournament . com
  • fiverr . com
  • bring the blog . com


  • iStock photo
  • 123rf


  • LISTS  &  searches


  • customize
    • Add  new  friends  to  appropriate  lists
    • Add  new  friends  to  appropriate  lists
    • Add  potential  friends  to  Appropriate  lists
    • Add  current  friends  to  appropriate  lists
    • View  posts  from  only  people  in  certain  lists
    • View  posts  from  only  people  in  certain  lists
    • post  updates  to  only  certain  lists  or  people
    • You  can  “HIDE”   Games,  friends  and/or   posts
    • un-hide  people  by  visiting  “edit  options”

Facebook  pages

  • agent/Team
  • specialty
  • neighborhood/community
  • hobby


  • Twitter/Facebook  Grader
  • Google Analytics


  • Color Splash
  • TRIPIT . com
  • On Voice feed
  • G-Whizz
  • iThoughts HD [app]

Fun and Play

  • Let Me Google That For You
  • Words with friends
  • Angry birds
  • Doodle Jump
  • Tiny wings
  • Cut the rope

Thank  you
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How to Structure a Blog Post to Attract Google and Create More Leads

Here is my presentation from Real Estate Wordcamp (Denver).

How to Get Your Real Estate Blog to Rank in the Search Engines for Terms You Want to Be Found For

Have you ever wondered how to get your real estate blog to rank in the search engines for terms you want to be found for?

Well, here is how.

It is really, super complicated, so you may need to read this post over and over again until you “get” it.

Consistently write about what you want to be found for in the search engines, in the language used by the community of people you want to do business with.

Example 1: If you want to work with first-time home buyers in a certain area of town, then write about things that first -time home buyers in that certain area of town would want to read. Write about (and to) first time home buyers and write about that certain area of town.

Example 2: If you want to work with short sales in a particular neighborhood, then write about things that distressed home owners in that particular neighborhood would want to read. Write about (and to) distressed home owners and write about that particular neighborhood.

That’s pretty much it.

(Of course you can enhance this with a good linking strategy, but if you aren’t consistently writing about what you want to be found for in the search engines, in the language used by the community of people you want to do business with, then a good linking strategy wont even matter.)

P.S. If you want quicker results out of the gate, join Active Rain. Get your feet wet, learn more about blogging.

There you have it, folks.

Quit making it harder than it really is … and stop listening to people who intimidate you into NOT blogging.

Real Estate Blog Linking Done Right

Links are a very important part of your real estate blog post – right up there with quality, targeted content. When you appropriately link to your real estate website from your blog, you are telling your readers and search engines that the words that you are linking are relevant to the site you are linking them to.

You want to make sure that both readers AND search engines are able to bounce from one blog post to another EASILY through links in each post you write.

    Proper linking TO your blog and WITHIN your blog will help potential clients and search engines:
    FIND your blog  –  STAY on your blog  –  RETURN to your blog

      How to Link: When hyper-linking to your blog or website, or when linking to another blog, use keywords as anchor-text.

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      Knowing how to effectively link TO and WITHIN  and FROM your real estate blog will get you more traffic, help you rank in search engines, and eventually get you more business.

      3 Simple Truths About Blogging and Keywords

      There are a billion different sites out there that will teach the fine tuned skills of proper keyword usage in blogging. But after all that dust settles, here are the 3 simple truths that I have found.

      1. If you want to rank in the search engines for a certain keyword or keyword phrase … USE that keyword phrase in your blog titles, posts and linked text.
      2. Remember: You are writing FIRST for humans and second for search engines. Make your blog posts appeal to Google ONLY AFTER you are certain that they are also pleasing to the human eye. So, do not flood your posts with keywords.
      3. Don’t forget the longtail. Showing up in the search engines for 217 “niche” keywords (and therefore showing up as the expert in those niches) is much better than NOT showing up in the search engines for major search terms. It’s the whole “Big fish. Small pond.” concept. Consistently writing, naturally, for what you do (real estate) will give you this opportunity.

      Big Fish Small Bowl

      Forget squeezing millions from a few megahits at the top of the charts. The future of entertainment is in the millions of niche markets at the shallow end of the bitstream. – Chris Anderson

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      HEY REAL ESTATE AGENTS! Answer the %#^@ Phone!

      David Knox is a real estate speaker that we saw speak at a conference last year. He does a LOT of different videos … Here is a good one:

      Understanding RSS Feeds and Feed Readers

      I could write it all out, but instead … here is an AWESOME video from Common Craft:

      RSS in Plain English