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The Lones Group Files a Lawsuit Against Strong Team REALTORS® Over a Fricken’ Zebra Stripe?

Lones Group Lawsuit

Oh for the love of all things stupid.

Please drive me through McDonald’s so that I can make a million bucks over hot coffee.

Of course I am not a lawyer, and these are just my opinions, but I am befuddled. Apparently the Lones Group thinks there is a zebra-related Trademark violation causing business to be diverted away from them  …

Um …

  • The Lones Group is located in Washington state and sells marketing stuff to real estate agents.
  • The Strong Team Realtors®, AKA Real Estate Zebra, is a real estate team located in VIR-FRICKEN-GINIA (Virginia) that helps consumers buy and sell homes.

First, they are a continent apart and second, they are “technically” NOT in the same industry.

Again … for the love of all things stupid.

Read More:
The Lones Group v. Rothamel: A case study in destroying your on-line reputation

There has been a tremendous amount of social reaction in the online communities regarding this case – specifically in support of the Strong Team Realtors®. Heck! There is even a Facebook Fan Page in Support if the Real Estate Zebra!

I am curious to see how this will all play out … and if this lawsuit, in the long run,  really WAS in the best interests of those who chose to start it. We shall see.

In the meantime, go over to the Zebra Defense Fund and show your support for Daniel and the Strong Team Realtors®…

What is the algorithm for figuring out how much my new bill will be in 2010?

“What is the algorithm for figuring out how much my new bill will be in 2010?”

This was the question that I posed on this morning. Here are the answers that I received. I really should have expected nothing less from my smart-alec friends: @matthaze @mattrathbun @phxreguy @therealclint @tobyboyce

These replies were highly entertaining and made me laugh! It really shows the reputation that has when it comes to cost/effectiveness.

Now, personally/professionally actually works for us. Sellers love it and we get about 2 “leads” a month from it – resulting in 1-2 sales a year. So, that, plus the leverage it gives us in listing appointments makes it worth the $230./mo. we currently pay.

And if it is not TOO cost prohibitive in 2010, we plan on keeping it.

So … if anyone DOES know the algorithm for figuring out how much my new bill will be in 2010 … please share?

Social Media Dialects: I Speak Twitter… You?

The Question

Yesterday I was teaching a “Social Media in Real Estate” class in Denver. At the end of the class, one of the participants asked why some people (like myself) use the “@” symbol in front of people’s names when addressing them on social networks that are NOT Twitter. She wondered how these social networks were interconnected and how that “@” symbol on ONE network affected that person on another network.

I told her that it didn’t.

“Then WHY would someone use that, if there was no connection?” Good Question.

Simply put, the connection is PEOPLE – All the PEOPLE who are using all these different social networks … But it got me thinking (which can be dangerous if you know me …).

I recalled the fact that I use the “@” symbol when addressing people on Facebook, and even in emails.

I recalled the fact that I have an inner 140-character-Twitter- limit sensor that usurps the 160-character-texting-limit in my mind.

I recalled the fact that, when hanging out with other Twitter users IRL, I will actually SAY “Hashtag [insert witty phrase here]” to emphasize/categorize something I just said. Dorky? Yes. Absolutely. But all my Twitter friends “get” it and that makes it fun …. and relevant to our conversation.

I recalled the fact that when I turn on my computer or pick up my phone, I tend to check Twitter before any other social network.

People are the connections between all these different social networks … But like in the OFFLINE world, we all communicate slightly different, based on where we are from … our HOMES … thus reflecting a different DIALECT.

Social Media Dialects

Everyone who participates in online communities generally has ONE community where they feel more at HOME – the place where they tend to gravitate … spend more time.Yes, many of us can be found in many networks, but there is usually that “one” place where we call HOME.

Because of this, we tend to integrate the social norms of that community into who we are and those tendencies, those Social Media Cultural differences tend to leak into our other activities… and our other social network interactions.

So I started paying a bit more attention to the social media dialects of my friends.

  • One friend speaks in third person. On Twitter, they tend to ineffectively keep their comments to less than 140 characters. They have a lot to say about what everyone else is saying. They love online games and quizzes. They use the term “friend me” when asking to connect with someone… regardless of the network.
    These are all traits of a person who speaks with a Facebook dialect.
  • Another friend is always sharing videos. On Facebook, many of their messages are in the form of an actual video – personal or shared.
    These are traits of someone who speaks in a YouTube dialect.
  • There is my friend who t@lk$ l!k3 +h!$ and has an infatuation with sharing internet bumper stickers and animated GIF’s.
    These are the traits of someone who speaks with a MySpace dialect.
  • Then there is my friend who LOVES to share photos. They upload and link all kinds of photos for any occassion. They are the first ones to respond whenever I also post a picture.
    These are the traits of someone who speaks with a Flickr dialect.
  • And of course, there are the people like me: We have become quite effective at sharing a HUGE idea with very little verbiage. We use “#” (hashtags) for emphasis, side comments and categorization. We insert the “@” symbol in front of a person’s name to indicate we are addressing them. We are forever fearful of platform-specific Direct Message options (DMFail). We use the term “follow me” when wanting to connect with someone… regardless of the platform. We are also the ones who know each other BETTER by our Twitter names than our “regular” names. [I am @mizzle]
    We are the people who speak with a Twitter dialect.

And the interesting thing is that these traits transcend the community they come from and become a part of all the communities each person participates in.

Interesting Read: Seth Godin Asks “What Sort of Accent do You Have?

That is Entertaining and All, But Who Cares?

Like offline, if you know where someone is coming from, you can have a much better understanding if who they are, what is important to them and how to effectively interact with them.

  • If I befriend someone who has a Facebook dialect, I may want to make sure that I write on their wall and “like” one of their updates on Facebook.
  • If I befriend someone who has a Flickr dialect, I could totally strengthen our friendship by acknowledging and favoriting some of their pictures on Flickr.
  • If I become friends with someone with a YouTube dialect, leaving video comments on their Facebook wall and sharing their YouTube videos with my other friends may be a great idea.

Basically, understanding the different social media dialects gives you the opportunity to consciously connect with other people on their turf  – taking an interest in where THEY call HOME.

In the land of ever-increasing social media popularity, understanding the different dialects can be a crucial part of your effective online interaction… and a great way to better the friendships that you already have.

I speak Twitter … You?

A New Way to Show Homes?

Showing homes would be MUCH more fun, if we could do it THIS way:

Thank you GeeksAreSexy for pointing this one out …

Fat Cat, Las Vegas and a Wedding

Fat Cat.

more animals

Las Vegas.

Derek and I are heading to Las Vegas to Blog World and REBW (Real Estate Blog World) where I will be speaking about how to convert online leads through blogging. The name of the class that I ma teaching is actually called, “From Click to Close – The Top 10 Point of Client Conversion – Through Blogging.”

We are heading up to Denver tonight and will be staying the night at a local hotel and then flying out to Las Vegas at about roughly the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. (We are supposed to be at the airport by 5am. Ouch.) I will post pictures from my adventures, here, in the next week or so.

A Wedding.

We will be in Vegas until Saturday night, when we fly back in just enough time to sleep a wee bit and BE in a wedding on Sunday, back here in Colorado Springs. Oh help me.

Posted By: Mariana

What Does it Take to Be the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World?

What does it take to be the greatest real estate agent in the world? Is it the availablility 24/7 for clients and potential clients? Is it the perfect balance between professional real estate and personal life? Is it the ability to predict the market, list and sell every house and find the perfect home for every buyer? … No, that last one is impossible.

I believe that the greatest real estate agent in the world is a dedicated professional who also has a meaningful personal life. This would give them (the greatest real estate agent in the world) the ability to master the business of real estate, yet still be able to connect with their clients on a personal level.

Keller Williams teaches: God – Family – Business
I could not agree MORE with that philosophy, which is one reason why I chose to be affilliated with Keller Williams.

However, “great” is a term that means different things to different people and we all know that we cannot be all things to all people … so maybe seeking the title of Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World is a fruitless task … at least in reality. (SEO may be a different story though…)

So, although I would love to be the greatest real estate agent in the world, I have a lot to learn. Someday, maybe I will see it in lights: Mariana Wagner is the Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World. 😉

Maybe I should just go for the Greatest Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs title …

(Idea for this fun post taken from the Greatest real estate agent in the world post by Eric Bramlett.)

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