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Your Keller Williams eAgentC website now gives you the ability to add a blog. Here are the 5 Steps for Setting Up Your eAgentC blog:

Step One: Log into your eAgentC website back office.

  1. On the sidebar, click on 3.10 “eAgentC Blog and RSS”
  2. Make sure the eAgentC Blog tab is selected and click on “Sign-Up/Login to your eAgentC Blog powered by Top Producer”


Step Two: Sign Up for your new eAgentC Blog.

  1. On the new page that pops up, select “Sign Up” on the bottom of the Sign In box.
  2. Fill Out the form on the next page.
    *The Username you select will be a part of your Domain Name, so choose carefully.


Step Three: Edit Your Blog Settings

  1. Edit Your Blog Settings: From the top menu, select the “Options” tab.
    1. Choose a relevant title for your blog, like “(Your Town) Real Estate”
    2. Select a Tagline – either your personal tagline or “Real Estate Information in (Your Town)” – Or, you can keep the default tagline: “Real Estate Expert in (Your Town)”
    3. Click on “Update Profile”

Step Four: Customize Your Blog

Change the look and feel of your blog to make it match you and your area better. Click on the “Presentation” tab from the top menu. You will find 2 sub-menus: Custom Image Header and Sidebar and Menu.

  1. Custom Header Image: From this tab, you can modify the top look and feel of your blog.
    1. Adjust the font colors and select “Save Changes”
    2. Select a header image. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Update Header Image”
  2. Sidebar and Menu: This tab offers the ability to modify the look of your blogs sidebar.
    1. Select right or left placement.
    2. Drag and drop widgets from below to the side and modify the order to match your needs.
    3. Text boxes can be modified to contain links or other information.
    4. Add the “Admin” widget to your sidebar so that you can login directly from your blog.
    5. Click on “SAVE CHANGES”

Step Five: Write a Post

Once you are happy with the look and feel of your blog, you can write your first post.

  1. Click on the “Write” tab on the top menu >> “Write Post”
  2. Select your audience from the right side menu.
  3. Add a relevant title to your post.
  4. Write your post.

  1. Make sure you “Save and Continue Editing” frequently while writing.
  2. Format your text and add relevant links to your post.
  3. Add an image to your post, if needed.
  1. When you are happy with the post, select “Publish”
  2. Make sure your post publishes correctly, by clicking on “View Site” from the top of your dashboard.
  3. Proceed through steps a-j for every post you write.

Once you go through the 5 Easy Steps to Set up Your eAgentC Blog, you will be able to access it, link to it, modify it and post articles on it whenever you want.

For more information on how to make your blog a powerful marketing tool for you, your business and your website, join the MAPS Fast Track Blog Coaching sessions. Send your name and contact information, along with the
Top 3 Things You Would Want to Learn About Real Estate Blogging to

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  1. Aleshia Kramer said:

    Can you tell me how to log into the eagency back office. Thank you.

  2. Marianna thank you this will be very helpful. Your webinar was informative.

  3. Hi Mariana,
    Before I sign up for this blog, do I have to have Top Producer?

  4. Jennifer – I hope this helps!

    Denise – I know I answered this in an email, but for anyone reading…

    You do NOT have to have a Top Producer account to take advantage of the FREE eAgentC blog that I talked about here.

  5. Hi Marianna…well, I got the blog set up after listing to your coaching today. Now if I can just overcome the writer’s block! I have some questions about the widgets, but I can wait for the coaching classes. I didn’t see it specifically covered in the agenda, will it be? I don’t know what they are exactly but see them on the set up page so they must be important, right? Is the address we give to people or is there any easier name we can choose to direct people there?
    Just out of curiousity, how many blogs do you have?

  6. Cindy – Congrats on the blog!
    Here are a few answers for you:
    Content ideas:

    Widgets are interesting, but not horribly important. However, I will be doing a supplemental session on widgets for people who enroll in the course.

    Go to GoDaddy and purchase a domain name and “point” it to your blog. When someone types in that domain name it will go right to your blog, but it will still read ” ” in the address bar.

    I have a few blogs: Colorado Springs Real Estate Connection, myKWblog (this one), a custom home builder blog (new) and 2 niche blogs. I also am a writer for Agent Genius.

    I hope that this is helpful!!

  7. mohamed said: for sale

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