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Kind Words

I love being a real estate trainer and a coach. What I love the MOST is when the people that take my class(es) actually implement things that I teach and see results. Here are some kind words and examples of great results from agents who have been coached by me and/or have taken my classes.

“Hey! Just to show that the content of your class actually creates results, I had entered some cursory information at Trulia for my profile there, but after the class I logged on to Trulia Voices, looking for any real estate questions or answers I could comment on. I found one that hadn’t been answered yet, so gave it a shot.. Within ten minutes (10 MINUTES!) I got a call from a guy in San Diego who said he saw my post, and needed information on the rental market in Pittsburgh (go figure!). He wanted to buy property there to rent out, so I offered to arrange for an agent there (KW, of course) to contact him and do what he could for him.. Anyway, if you want, feel free to use me or my story as a testimonial.. and thanks again!! You really are the best!” –  Chuck Webb

“The blogging class was outstanding. Mariana is an awesome teacher – the best I’ve seen at KW; and as you know there are a lot of talented teachers.” – Barbara Green (Cary NC Real Estate Agent)

“Just an update. I got two listing inquiries (emails) last night from my blog, one appointment tomorrow. 6 months in…just like you said. I am now #1 , and 2 for tanglewood forest homes for sale. I am liking this more each day.” – Tim Tole (SW Austin Real Estate Agent)

“I’ve really enjoyed the [KW] blogging class – it’s a fast track, and has really improved the number of leads I get from my website (from zero ever) to between 1 and 2 per week now! … This course is definitely the best bang for the buck I’ve done this year.” – Garreth Wilcock (Austin Real Estate Agent)

“It happened, I’m on page 1 of Google today for Fishers Real Estate! … I took a phenomenal coaching class through Keller Williams over the last six months and owe much of this to Mariana Wagner, she rocks!” – Cindy Marchant (Fishers IN Real Estate Agent)

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  1. Oh I hope this happens with me and someone calls me and happen to write a testimonial for me too. This is great. Hey Mariana I have added you in my facebook and twitter. Now I look forward to see helping from each other. I hope we network in a good and really +ive way.

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