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Real Estate Blog Linking Done Right

Links are a very important part of your real estate blog post – right up there with quality, targeted content. When you appropriately link to your real estate website from your blog, you are telling your readers and search engines that the words that you are linking are relevant to the site you are linking them to.

You want to make sure that both readers AND search engines are able to bounce from one blog post to another EASILY through links in each post you write.

    Proper linking TO your blog and WITHIN your blog will help potential clients and search engines:
    FIND your blog  –  STAY on your blog  –  RETURN to your blog

      How to Link: When hyper-linking to your blog or website, or when linking to another blog, use keywords as anchor-text.

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      Knowing how to effectively link TO and WITHIN  and FROM your real estate blog will get you more traffic, help you rank in search engines, and eventually get you more business.