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Top 7 Key Elements of a Killer Listing Presentation

Your listing presentation is a key element to actually GETTING a listing. And Listings are super-important. And we ALL know that the hierarchy of a successful real estate business is:

  1. Leads
  2. Listings
  3. Leverage

(Thank you Gary Keller, for that one!)

Some people say that “personality” and “experience” and “ethics” matter … and for as much as they DO matter, it is overwhelmingly apparent that one does not NEED those attributes to be successful in real estate. Yes, I think that sucks, but it is what it is.

Here are the KEY Elements of a Killer Listing Presentation:

  1. Information about you and your company: This should be short, sweet and to the point. And guess what? No one cares if you are a “Top Producer” or a “GRI” or in the “Top 1% in Your Area” unless you follow up with HOW and WHY it will benefit the seller.
  2. Explain the benefits of staging: … and have a stager that you can refer to them. Read Also: How to Make Your Home Sell Faster and More Staging Statistics
  3. Your Marketing: Explain, in detail, how you plan to market their property. Bring examples of your marketing so that they can “see it for themselves”.
  4. The importance of proper pricing: Thoroughly explain how and why overpricing is bad. Find examples in your MLS of homes that DIDN’T sell at one price and sold QUICKLY once the price was lowered. (Feel free to use the chart below…)

    Read Also: Expose Your Home to More Buyers in the Colorado Springs Real Estate Market Through Exact Pricing
  5. Your CMA – Comparative Market Analysis: Show them what SOLD so they know how an appraiser is going to look at the property and show them their competition so they know how BUYERS are going to look at their property. Then give them an idea how long they should expect to be on the market for their specific area.
    Warn them of agents who “BUY” listings: If you are up against other potential real estate agents who told them that their house was worth more than your CMA proves, they need to understand how dangerous it could be to list with them. Read Also: Why Real Estate Agents Take Overpriced Listings
  6. Explain Your Commissions: Tell them what you charge, and why. Since 90-something-percent of home buyers are represented by an agent, don’t forget to explain how you plan to split the total commission with the cooperating buyer agent (if that is how your area does things). If you offer any discounts (military, repeat customer, etc…) this would be the time to explain that, too.
  7. Permission to Follow Up: Don’t rely on THEM to tell you if you got the job. Get permission from them to follow up on a certain day to find out their decision. … and tell them that if they decide to list with you NOW, then you will “do the dirty work” call any other agents that they were going to interview and cancel their listing appointments.

To make the MOST out of these elements, make sure that you are actually worth hiring in the first place: EDUCATE YOUR (potential) SELLER CLIENTS! BE a good agent. Understand staging. Have a great marketing strategy. Actually KNOW pricing. Have a bullet-proof CMA. Have a respectable commission structure. Know how to follow up.